Hi, I'm Hilary

I started Tamahere Flower Farm with the support of my husband and two wonderful kiddies in early 2019. With one season under our belt, the farm is still under development with plenty of planting underway for Spring 2020, and I am excited about all the things to come. I am inspired by the #grownnotflown flower movement and my aim is to provide quality seasonal field grown flowers to the local market.

For me, flowers are all about brightening up someone's day, whether that's for someone special or a random act of kindness. Nothing puts a smile on someone's face like flowers! Get in touch, I'd love to meet you and share your floral love.

Hilary - Owner and Grower

Owner and Grower

We sell by...

the bucket

straight bunch

mixed bunch

the stem

We sell to Florists, Event Stylists, Photographers, Caterers, Public and more

If you have a floral event coming up, or just want fresh seasonal blooms for your own floral creativity, get in touch and tell me all about it! We love to grow beautiful blooms to inspire your creativity.

Workshops & Seed Sales

If the experience with Covid lockdowns has taught us small business owners anything, it's that we need to be ready to pivot and act on the good ideas we have been stewing on to see if they take off and provide the opportunities we were only dreaming about.

So, here at Tamahere Flower Farm, we are now offering Workshops! and Seed Sales! 

To be kept informed with what's blooming in the field, workshop options, or new seed products, follow us on Instagram or Facebook! 

Thanks for your support!

Our Philosophy

Low Till Flower Farming

Sustainable agriculture is the idea that farming can be productive, with a low environmental impact. At Tamahere Flower Farm, we are focusing on creating sustainable practices through the use of no till (or no dig) theory which involves disturbing the soil as little as possible to allow the soil microbes & worms etc opportunity to thrive. Better soil health = better & stronger plants = beautiful healthy blooms! 

Natural Ingredients

Natural or organic amendments are used in the flower beds to ensure that all nutrients for our plants to thrive are available. We also use a regular foliar feed of a seaweed based mix for added goodness! Our blooms are made to be #safetosniff!


Occultation is a french word meaning hidden. The idea behind occultation is to cover our new growing spaces with woven landscape fabric. This works to block the sunlight but allows moisture & air through to encourage soil organisms to break down the weeds, grass and organic matter underneath. 

Raising Seeds

We grow a range of annuals, with most of these being started from seed at our farm (with the exception of a few we get the professionals to start on our behalf). We like seed trays that can be re-used multiple times throughout the season, and for years to come. Our seed raising mix is sourced locally and gives our seeds the best start to life.

Planting out

When our seeds have been nursed into strong little seedlings, we plant these out to our fields using tighter spacing to create an abundance of blooms while also helping the plants create a foliage canopy to block light and prevent weeds that do try to grow
We use dripline irrigation as a very water efficient system to slowly & deeply water, minimising wastage through evaporation & reducing the foliar diseases that overhead watering can promote.


Each and every bloom here at Tamahere Flower Farm is handpicked, stripped and placed into buckets of fresh water where they condition for a few hours before being delivered or collected. Harvesting often is the first or last activity of every day to ensure our blooms are the freshest and best blooms for our orders and amazing clients!


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