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This is a specialist cut flower stock, so each plant will produce one flower only. Stock is a spring favourite for it's gorgeous fragrance. 


Approx No. Seeds:* 25

Sow: Autumn, Spring

Spacing: 15cm

Height: 30-50cm

Pinch: No

Days To Maturity: 90

Growing Notes:  Prefers cooler weather. Support needed.

Harvesting Notes:  Harvest when flowers are 1/3 to 1/2 open for the best vase life. Approx 60% will be doubles.

*Seed numbers are approximate only.


These seeds are part of our curated collection of flowers and foliage plants, sourced from New Zealand and around the world, that are suitable for cut flower bouquets and arrangements. They are plants that we grow, have grown, or are trialing too for cut flowers. We wish you all the best on your flower growing journey!

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