Hydro Anthurium Purple Cirano

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Anthurium andreanum Cirano

Small purple flowers. A popular indoor plant and cut flower, Anthurium andreanum is an easy care plant that looks great at home or in an office.  In exchange for some attention Anthurium will surprise you in turn; she will flower throughout the year.  Place different varieties of Anthuriums together to create a natural effect.

Comes in 12cm height glass wide neck vase.

*Due to the nature of the product being kept in water, unfortunately these plants are unable to be shipped. Pick up only please, Tamahere, Waikato. 

Care Instructions:

Keep in indirect sunlight. 

Keep crown of plant above water, roots approximately 2/3 submerged.

Replace the water every 1-3 weeks with fresh clean water, as required. When changing the water during the growing season (Spring & Summer), place plant in a fertiliser "bath", with the roots of the plant in the solution, for a maximum of 24 hours. Then rinse roots and place into fresh water in a clean container. The solution should be diluted with water to 1/3 of the concentration of the recommended dose of your fertiliser product (because the plant is in water, higher concentrations may burn the roots).

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